Just greet - You Can Now Send Real World Greeting Cards Online For Free
With emails replacing hand written letters and the likes of Facebook wishes and e-cards almost making the greeting card extinct, Justgreet, a new Vancouver-based startup aims to recapture the moment of joy experienced when we both send, and receive a greeting card.
Anyone who’s ever received a greeting card can relate to the feeling of finding that crisp, $20 bill safely nestled in the middle, upon opening the card. This exact moment is what Justgreet hopes to duplicate time and time again, with its newly launched service.
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What The Bloom! These Greeting Cards Flower When Potted
A year ago, a Mumbai-based greeting card company decided to extend the life span (and value) of their product. As Valentine’s Day approached, they decided to experiment with something known as ‘seed paper’ to literally plant some love: the paper from which the cards are made, when potted and watered eventually blossoms into a plant.
“We wanted to launch a greeting card that people could gift to each other, and would allow us to plant a tree on their behalf in Rajasthani villages,” says Divyanshu Asopa, founder of “To cut a long process short, we came up with seed paper so people could plant their own trees from the cards they received.”
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Hello Market offers personalised charity greeting cardsHello Market, the specialist in personalised marketing print, has created a range of greetings cards that feature a chosen charity as well as personalised content for the sender and receiver.
The cards are designed and personalised online. Charities and fundraising groups that work with Hello Market haveĀ  to invite supporters to visit the greeting cards site where they can choose from a range of year-round greetings cards, personalise them with photo upload options, and include the charity or fundraising group’s logo on the back.
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Why Are Greeting Cards So Expensive?
Why should a piece of paper with a slogan cost $5? The answer starts with classical economics, takes a world tour to China, and ends with you.
This week, I was in a Barnes & Noble shopping for Valentine's Day cards, when I came across this beguiling photo of a cat watching heart-shaped confetti fall around its cross-eyed face.
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Is there anything more depressing than a holiday e-card?
Remember when holiday e-cards were all the rage? In today’s installment of “op-eds from Christmas past,” we revisit Meghan Daum’s 2009 column, “The real message of e-cards.”
OK, people, what is it with the electronic greeting cards this holiday? Why are you sending me jpegs of the Himalayas accompanied by phrases I recognize from yoga class ("Peace to you and all living things . . .")? Why am I being asked to download elaborate animation videos featuring singing snowmen or a Nativity scene with a manger that looks alarmingly like a tiki cabana?
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